5 Leg & Foot Neuropathy Exercises To Perform At Home

Peripheral neuropathy can cause pain and tingling in many areas of your life. Because it can impact your balance, it can make it hard to exercise and walk. However, exercise can reduce the pain caused by nerve damage in the lower legs and feet. While this isn’t an effective treatment or permanent remedy for nerve damage it can help strengthen your legs and improve balance. These exercises can help you with your neuropathy.

Stretch Your Calves

Stretching can help reduce pain and tension in the muscles. This can also affect neuropathy. There are many stretches that you can do. If you have neuropathy and are unable to balance, a seated stretch will be the best choice. To do this stretch, you will need either a large towel or a small blanket. Begin by laying down on your back with your legs straight ahead. Grab the towel with both your hands and place it on your lap. Place one foot’s ball in the center of the towel. Use the towel to lift your leg while maintaining a straight knee.

You can bend the other knee if you find it difficult. This will allow you to lift your other leg easier by reducing the pressure on your hamstrings.

Stretch Your Hamstrings

Another stretch that you can do while sitting in this one. You will need a chair for this exercise. You will need a chair to sit on. One leg should be lifted, the other one the opposite. Keep the other foot flat on your floor. Now, bend your back so that your chest touches your straight leg. Your back should be straight. While in this position, your muscles should stretch. You can hold the pose for as long as 20 seconds. Then, move on to the next leg. You can do three sets at a time.

Balance Exercises

These exercises will help maintain your balance. These exercises should always be done with someone else, or near a counter or table so that you can catch yourself if it happens. Stand with your feet together. Keep your eyes closed and maintain your balance. After a few minutes, if you feel comfortable, you can lift one foot and balance on the other.

You can also balance by placing one foot in front of the opposite. After you feel comfortable in this position, turn your head to one side and then the other.

A recumbent bike is a good option.

Although biking is an excellent aerobic exercise, it can also be dangerous if you have balance problems. Recumbent bikes don’t require you to exercise. The recumbent bikes are similar to a lounger chair, with three wheels and a comfortable, large seat. The bike’s front pedals are located at the bottom of your back. Stationary recumbent bikes are also available at some gyms. You don’t need to balance in order to maintain the bike upright so there is no chance of you falling.

Seated Strength Training Exercises

You can also do stretches or recumbent biking to improve your balance and reduce neuropathy pain. To build muscle, you can either use a knee flexion or knee extension machine.

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