Afraid Of Being Confined To Sedentary Life And Losing Her “Golden Years”, Nancy Knew She Desperately Needed A New Solution For Nerve Pain Treatment…

Amanda A. | Florida, United States

Mother and Wife with an outstanding love to explore new ideas, places, experiences, and cultures. Now, a happy neuropathy survivor and Neuropathy Research Group Writer❤️

July 2nd, 2022 | 2 min read

Amanda A. | Florida, United States

Mother and Wife with an outstanding love to explore new ideas, places, experiences, and cultures. Now, a happy neuropathy survivor and Neuropathy Research Group Writer ❤️

September 9, 2022 | 2 min read

The only life Nancy knew was one of excitement and adventure.

She was the founder of a successful non-profit organization that provided education to young women in developing countries and would travel for work so much that her closest friends even nicknamed her the “Globetrotter”.

This lifestyle suited her perfectly.

She visited over 71 countries, made a positive difference in people’s lives, and felt like she was constantly learning and growing as a person.

Until a few years ago, it seemed like she had the “perfect life”…

Then one day as she was boarding the plane for her next relief effort in Peru, she felt a strange feeling piercing throughout her foot as she walked through the jet bridge.

At first, she didn’t pay much attention to it.

She thought it was probably her age catching up or possibly the new shoes she was breaking in.


Then She Got The Worst Surprise Of Her Life…


 After months of persistent problems with her foot while in Peru, she finally decided to visit her doctor first thing upon arriving back in the States.

Halfway through the appointment, her doctor looked her in the eye, not seeming to give it much thought.

After a few more series of general questions, her heart almost stopped at what her doctor said next.


Nancy, I hate that I have to say this, but it might be time to consider retirement…


She was speechless.


Your nerve health is declining and there isn’t much you, me, or anyone can do about it. The best I can do is prescribe you some painkillers to take away some of the discomfort… Unfortunately, you’ll just have to learn to live with this.


The world around her was shattering before her eyes.

She knew this meant she would have to step down from her nonprofit and spend the rest of her life limited.


  • No more building schools for young women in need.
  • No more traveling around the world.
  • No more excitement and adventure.


Her stomach churned when she realized she would never be able to continue the life that was her sole reason for existence.

For the first time in her life…


… She felt old.


The next year was full of let down after let down for Nancy.

  • Her prescribed pain medication was causing severe side effects…
  • She was forced to step down from the nonprofit and hand over her life’s work…
  • She had to give up all the activities that made her worthwhile…
  • She felt like she was a waste of space and a burden to her husband…


Everyday pushed her closer to a full-blown mental breakdown, ready to give up completely.


It Was Just The Beginning Of A Life She Wouldn’t Wish On Anyone…


With no end in sight, and desperate to have an ounce of normality back in her life, she took to the internet in search of some form of hope for a solution.

She joined health-based private Facebook groups and subscribed to dozens of neuropathy newsletters.

For several hours each day she scrolled through the AARP online community, spending thousands of dollars testing various combinations of vitamins.

In the end… Nothing worked.


Then she took another devastating blow.

After blood work results came back from her routine doctor’s visit it was revealed she needed substantially more Vitamin B if she wanted to, at the very least, maintain this minimal level of relief.

Left with no choice, she begrudgingly accepted the news.

Before she left the appointment, her doctor upgraded her current treatment plan supplement routine, which skyrocketed her monthly out-of-pocket expense

The minimum monthly fee for just one of several supplements she needed were close to $300 per month!


Her Discomfort Kind Of Started To Fade, But It Was Costing Her A Fortune For A Temporary Relief…


She hadn’t been working for almost 2 years, her retirement savings were drying up..

At the current rate she’d be broke before the end of summer.


Afraid of being confined to a sedentary life and losing her “Golden Years”, Nancy knew she desperately needed a new solution for her Nerve Pain Treatment…


Then one day, out of the blue…


She Made A Startling Discovery That Would Change Her Life!


Back at home browsing through the online health groups, she came across a video that stopped her in tears

This Video Showed Her A Revolutionary Breakthrough Discovery By This Florida Doctor.

No weird rituals, painkillers, or any kind of nonsense

Just a scientific proven method that reduces nerve pain, tingling, & numbness in 4 out of 5 People who try it


To say she was skeptical is an understatement

By that time, she had tried it ALL and had the (sometimes expensive) receipts to prove it.

Thousands of dollars on toxic doctor-prescribed pills, creams, and other circulatory systems support apparatus.

She even tried going to salt caves and self-healing retreats!

But nothing did work…


Nancy was so frustrated, but she was not willing to give up 

and she decided to give it a try.




After a couple of weeks, the tingling throughout her foot started to disappear


  • No longer pain in her arms and legs!
  • No longer sleepless nights!
  • She was feeling amazing!


In her own words:


“I’ve found something that is easy, repeatable, and effective. And it changed my life for the best!

Now, I can’t promise this will work for everyone. Nothing works for 100% of people.

But I’ve had too much success not to share it!

I believe everyone can, and should be able to live without the fear of chronic pain

The only thing I wish is that I’d found this before I hit my 50’s!”


Happily, the breakthrough video has been reposted and made available to the public.

But, from what I’ve heard, the link is only going to be available for a limited time…

So, go ahead and watch the video while it’s still up!


To a new you.


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